NFT Staking

What is Nft staking? NFTs have been around longer than we previously realized, and the majority of people think of them as digital representations of artwork and collectibles that might gain value over time. However, Walter believes that this isn't always the case because, as the NFT market expands, users, artists, and collectors are increasingly looking for NFTs with use cases that will ensure their collections will increase in value over time. Instead of keeping their NFTs in their inventory collecting dust, Walter users can stake them in order to receive WALT tokens in return.
How does it work?
As the name implies, Walter Dog allows users to lock their NFTs on the platform in order to collect staking incentives and other rights, allowing NFT holders to continue to possess their NFTs while still earning a passive income Nft stakers also have higher apy. This broadens the potential of non-fungible tokens and gives Walter Dog's users a new opportunity to monetise their assets.